Saturday, November 20, 2010

Container of Cesium-137 found in Tbilisi

A container of radioactive substances was found Friday in the centre of Tbilisi. Law enforcers seized caesium 137 in 15 Lermontov Street. The container of the dangerous substances was kept in the Kisishvili family.

Head of the family Jemal Kisishvili and his wife are being interrogated now. Exact amount of teh substances is unknown yet. It is also uncertain how the container, seized by law enforcers, got in the Kisishvili family.

Reportedly, in consequence of -one-hour special operation conducted in teh apartment, no other radioactive substances have been found there.

Representatives of the special services of Georgian Environmental Ministry also arrived at the scene. They said caesium 137 is one of the most dangerous radioactive substances. It is considered as one of the components of pollution in the biosphere.

Caesium 137 is also used for making so-called dirty bombs. Experts say, this radioactive substance is more virulent than uranium.

This is not the first time, caesium has been seized in Georgia. Georgian law enforcers seized the substances in different regions of Georgia in 1997 - 2007.

In 2003, 2006 and 2010 except caesium, different amounts of uranium were also seized in Georgia.

Source: 19.11.10 18:12  "Rustavi2"

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