Thursday, January 16, 2014

Barbara Hamrick and Roy Dunker Visit Georgian Chapter

HPS president Barbara Hamrick (left) and
GHPA vice president Lia Chelidze
by Roy Dunker

It has been a few months since I last visited Tbilsi and although some time has elapsed since this October 2013 visit I want to update everyone as to what is going on with the health physics chapter there. I have a bit of history with the Georgian Health Physics Association (GHPA), and maintain contact with its members. Most of you may be more familiar with GHPA as it is often referred to as the Georgian Health Physics Chapter. Ten years ago in San Diego, Brian Dodd first suggested to a few Idaho State University health physics students from the Republic of Georgia and me that we should help form a Georgian Chapter of the Health Physics Society. Here we are, ten years later with a recognized and ever influential membership in Georgia. I want to share with you a few highlights of my most recent visit and my impressions of Georgian Health Physics at the present milestone.